We are a one-stop integrated interior design solutions provider based in Hong Kong. Our integrated interior design solutions include design, fit out, and decoration. We are also responsible for the overall project management. Our customers can choose from one or a combination of our solutions.  The provision of our services to our customers can be broadly classified into two major types of projects, (i) design and/or decoration and (ii) design, fit out and decoration.

When we are engaged by our customers, we are typically responsible for the overall project implementation by providing or coordinating with our material suppliers and subcontractors to provide the necessary materials, labour, expertise and technical know-how required and place our customers in their desired market position and meet our customers’ expectation on time and within budget.  Since establishing our group in 1996, we have been instrumental in providing unique and innovative designs and high quality fit out and decoration services to our customers whilst maintaining the philosophy to maintain a steady and gradual growth in the pursuit of quality and design excellence in a timely manner.

Our group’s drive, passion and exquisite attention to details from design to fit out to decoration has enabled our group to garner the trust and appreciation from our customers and enabled our group to become one of the reputable players in the integrated interior design services market in Hong Kong.  We believe that a distinguishing factor for the success of an integrated interior design solutions provider vests in its ability to create a design which could assist with our customers’ market positioning and successfully complete the projects to their specifications and satisfaction.

Further, we believe that our ability to realise our customers’ most far-fetched concepts and make them a reality for them with finesse and speed has been critical not only to our success but also to our maintaining a close relationship with our customers. To achieve timely completion of the projects for our customers at a high quality standard acceptable to them, we leverage on our long established relationships with our experienced and reliable materials suppliers and service subcontractors to provide quality materials and subcontracting services.