Hope Life International Holdings Limited (“Hope Life International”) was listed on the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2015 ( Stock Code: 01683). The businesses of Hope Life International cover three major sectors: construction and ancillary services, financial services and health business. As a one-stop integrated interior design solution provider based in Hong Kong, the Group is committed to providing customers with unique and innovative design solutions and high-quality decoration services. Following a solid and steady development concept, we will strictly control every process from design to decoration. It makes the Group becoming a good choice for thousands of customers. The Group holds a Hong Kong money lender license to provide loan financing services to enterprises and individuals.
Due to the negative impact of Sino-US trade war and certain issues in Hong Kong, the uncertainty of Hong Kong’s property market may affect the demand of property developers for the Group’s construction and ancillary services. Hope Life International has started to explore other business opportunities and will try to diversify its businesses and enter into the field of health business based on the new era of biotechnology and the background of great development of health industry. In the process of continuous development and growth, Hope Life International will always actively fulfill its social responsibilities, support public welfare undertakings, help vulnerable groups, and give back to society with its own efforts.